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San Pedro St ES

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Welcome To San Pedro Street Elementary School!

    Mission and Vision



    We envision a collaborative school community where high expectations for students learning are realized.  Our learning environment encourages rigorous standards, supports all learners and nurtures an appreciation of both our national and our multicultural heritage.  All students are focused on developing and sharing their special talents.



    The vision of San Pedro Street Elementary School is to provide an excellent instructional program where all students will achieve advanced or proficient levels in language arts, math and science as measured by local, district and state assessments.

    School Info

    1635 South San Pedro Street

    Los Angeles, California 90015

    Telephone (213) 747-9538 Fax (213) 747-6332

    Student/Parent Links


    Parent Involvement Plan 2018-2019

    The Parent Involvement Plan of San Pedro Elementary School encourages parents to take an active part in their children's education to support our school mission in English, Math, and Science. The Parent Involvement Plan recognizes parents as important stakeholders in realizing the school vision of a collaborative school community, supporting all learners while nurturing an appreciation of our national and multicultural heritage. The Involvement Plan outlines the variety of resources and ongoing opportunities offered to parents so that we can motivate them to become informed advocates of their children as they share their knowledge and skills for school improvement... Continue reading in English.  Español



    Parent Compact

    Our commitment at San Pedro is to have a good working relationship between parents, teachers administrators and the entire school personnel.  Clink here to read our parent compact in English and Spanish. 



    May 1, 2018 -New 2018-19 school year enrollment begins.

    May 28, 2018 -Memorial Day- school closed



    Is your child reading?

    Every month we recognize and reward students in each grade level for meeting their reading goals.  Students should be reading at least 20 minutes a day.  Here is a breakdown of the monthly reading goals for each grade level.


    2nd grade  27,777

    3rd grade  55, 555

    4th grade  111,111

    5th grade  111,111


    Encourage your child to read everyday and maybe they will be rewarded for their effort next month.

    Attendance Is Important

    LAUSD Attendance Goal = 73% of students in school 96%

    ( No more than 7 absences for the year) 

    School starts at 8:00. (Make sure your student is in line waiting for the teacher by 7:55am) and dismissal at 2:29

    Bring your child to school everyday on time.


    Great Programs at San Pedro

    Music (vocal and Instrumental), Drama, and Visual Arts provided by LAUSD

    Parent Workshops- (Academic and Health)

    Enrich LA. Garden Rangers

    Youth Development Program (after school)

    Youth Services (after school)

    Volunteers wanted

    Volunteer for our Safety Valet Program in the mornings- Please  visit our Parent Center and talk to Mrs. Bernal for more information.

    Single Plan For Student Acheivement

    Parents take part in the development and recommendations for the Single Plan For Student Achievement.  With their participation, they learn about the needs of our Second Language Learners and what the school can do to make sure that the students meet or exceed the requirements to Reclassify as Fluent English Proficient.

    Are you prepared?